We have a Winner! – Creating a logo for Mutsidzira


Makomborero has launched a community grant programme for past Makomborero students called Mutsidzira, which means ‘to revive’. We thought, who better to design a logo for Mutsidzira than our past students so we had some fun with a ‘Mutsidzira logo competition’. The best logo stood to win USD$20.

logo 1

As always, our alumni pleasantly surprised us by entering a number of excellent and well thought-out logos. It was an extremely difficult decision but the panel of judges decided that Munashe Mutata’s logo to the left, was the winner!

About the logo, Munashe says ‘It consists of the Makomborero baobab tree but revamped, revived and restored with a classic, modern look. The branches consist of human figures raising their hands up to the sky in a joyous mood, supporting a common goal. This logo fits Mutsidzira well because of the clear link it provides to Makomborero and its quite classical look’.


Shall we get to know this creative, young man?

Munashe, tells us about yourself.

My name is Munashe Mutata. I have recently graduated as an engineer with a BSc in Electrical Engineering. I have been with Makomborero since 2014. I aspire to be a great engineer and to be a role model to other students and also in my community.

What made you want to enter the Mutsidzira logo competition?

I couldn’t pass the chance to put in some personal effort and touch into Mutsidzira. It’s quite a rare opportunity to get to take part in the creation of brands. Also, the Makomborero family has been God-sent and is priceless to me. I am really grateful for the love, guidance and the support they gave me. It’s a blessing to be part of Makomborero and what they do.

Had you designed anything in the past or is this your first piece of work?

I have always been interested in Graphic Design, but I have only made pieces for my own use like my cool desktop background and such. This is the first piece I have put out there and I’m overjoyed that you like it!

How does it feel to know the logo you designed will be the official logo used by Mutsidzira for years to come?

Well, you know when you are in the last minutes of a football game and the odds are not in your favour and you are starting to accept that you have lost the league, then someone just scores the deciding goal in the last minute? You know that kind of excitement and thrill that makes you fall asleep at 4am, still talking about the match? Well, that’s how I feel.

What do you plan on doing with the prize money?

I would very much like to get my driver’s license, so it’s definitely going into savings for that.

Well done again Munashe, from all of us at Makomborero! All the best with those driving lessons!

runner up v2

We would also like to congratulate all the entries for their excellent work. A special mention goes to Terrence Tapiwa Mataka.

Terrence, we hadn’t initially thought of having a runner up, but your work (seen to the left) was so good it deserved an award. Enjoy your USD$10!

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