A-Level Scholarships

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The Application Process for the Makomborero A-Level Programme is now open.

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A-Level Scholarship Programme

Makomborero provides a scholarship programme for up to 10 promising students each year. These students are selected from hundreds of applicants, following a rigorous academic and character-based selection process developed by Mark Albertyn. An illustration of the recruitment process and the challenges faced can be seen by clicking here.

All of the students are provided with a high quality A-level education at three of the leading private schools in Harare, a home to live in and all the resources they will need to make their study life as easy as possible. These students have all been recruited from townships surrounding Harare and beyond, and each of them has an incredibly inspiring story of how they fought against tremendous odds to get through their GCSEs and come out with outstanding results.

The A-level Scholarship Scheme started in 2011 and 9 groups of students have now graduated from the Makomborero Programme.  Our 9 second-year students from the 2020 intake survived the challenges thrown at them by the Corona virus well, and we have recruited 10 internal students and 16 external students for the 2021 intake.

Makomborero 2020

Our past students have all achieved extraordinary A-levels results! Click on the intake below to see their results, and stories of what they are doing now:

2011 Intake          2012 Intake          2013 Intake

2014 Intake          2015 Intake          2016 Intake

2017 Intake          2018 Intake         2019 Intake

Makomborero also supports a number of A-level students who don’t qualify for the scholarship scheme (up to 16 per year), paying their school fees at local government schools, examination fees and providing them with textbooks.

Safeguarding Policy

Makomborero takes the safety and security of the children in our care very seriously and has implemented a rigorous safeguarding policy which is reviewed regularly. This policy can be viewed here.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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