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Makomborero means “blessings” in the local Zimbabwean language, Shona

Makomborero is a UK based Charity that helps to relieve poverty through education in Zimbabwe. Makomborero means “blessings” in the local Zimbabwean language, Shona. Our logo represents people reaching to the sky for the blessings and the tree is based on an African tree called the Baobab.

Our Founders

Mark and Laura

Having lived in Zimbabwe all their lives, Mark and Laura Albertyn moved to the UK in August 2003. Whilst in the UK they set up Makomborero and planned on moving back to Zimbabwe to work in disadvantaged communities focusing on A-level education. During this time, Mark taught at an independent school in Kent and Laura worked in a large state comprehensive school in South East London.

Prior to 2003, Mark was teaching A-level Mathematics and Physics at an independent school in Zimbabwe. During this time, he developed a passion for the scholarship students he taught. Whilst the scholarship programme at the school was excellent, Mark increasingly felt called to provide high quality A-level education within the communities from which these students were being recruited or being able to provide a strong support network for students who had to study away from their homes. In July 2010 they returned to Zimbabwe to work at fulfilling the dream they had left the country with, and returned with the support of Makomborero. They have four young children, Matthew, Zoe, Ella and Phoebe.

In 2016, Makomborero received the Community Organisation of the Year award at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards in recognition of our work with Zimbabwe’s children.

ZAA badge
Makomborero (UK) works in partnership with Makomborero Zimbabwe to support various initiatives in Zimbabwe which allow the fulfilment of its objectives. Although we are separately registered and legally distinct organisations with different boards of trustees, we work in close partnership to maximise the potential outcomes for beneficiaries.

Tunde Olorunfemi

Chairman on the Board of Trustees

Pagiel Chimudzi

Chairman on the Board of Trustees

Minali De Silva

Safe Guarding
Annual Report and Accounts

Our Annual Report and Accounts reviews our performance for the year, the progress we’re making against our objectives and our aims for the future. There is also information on our governance, structure and management, and detailed accounts of our finances.

Download our Annual Report and Accounts for 2016.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Makomborero is a charity trying to make a difference

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