Girl Mentorship Programme

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Girl Mentorship Programme

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Makomborero works with schools in the high density areas to identify vulnerable* girls in Form 2 (aged 14 – 15), in order to provide a mentorship programme, that gives them hope and a vision of their futures, beyond the societal pressures they face.

We aim to address, in a very small way, the gender imbalance we experience with our scholarship programme and to see more girls making it through to Form 4 (O’Levels, aged 16-17) and not dropping out in Form 2.

Though this project is overseen and guided by Makomborero staff, it is run by either Makomborero Zimbabwe’s past girl students or by older local girls who would otherwise have nothing else to do. This gives the girls mentors who have grown up in similar environments to themselves and know their very real struggles first hand.

We aim to provide a source of inspiration and hope through giving life-skills training, teaching handicrafts, and hosting inspirational speakers. 2020 saw Makomborero working in three high density areas with 9 mentors and thirty girls.

*Vulnerable – girls who experience intense family pressure, due to the economic situation, to drop out of school; girls whose education is not a priority; girls who feel that they have no hope beyond getting married and leaving school before they are 15; girls who see no purpose or value in education; girls with disabilities, etc.

Safeguarding Policy

Makomborero takes the safety and security of the children in our care very seriously and has implemented a rigorous safeguarding policy which is reviewed regularly. This policy can be viewed here.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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