University Grants for Makomborero Alumni

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University Grant Scheme for Makomborero Alumni

Support for the Makomborero students doesn’t stop after they have taken their A-Levels. In order to ensure that our scholarship students go as far as they can with their education, Mark and Laura work with them to apply for university scholarships around the world. The calibre of the students and the holistic support they get in the Resource Centre gives them a great chance to secure places at prestigious universities around the world.

Those Makomborero students who don’t benefit from scholarships to international universities, are offered a grant to study at a Zimbabwean university. The grants are only open to students who have previously passed through the Makomborero A-Level programme. These grants will be repaid once the students are in full-time employment, making this scheme self-supporting.  Our first University Students graduated in 2017.

UZ grad combo

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