NDEIPI? Small Business Training

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NDEIPI Small Business Training – ONE Hope Initiatives in partnership with Makomborero Zimbabwe

Ndeipi is an entrepreneurial, small business training course focusing on changing the response to the question ‘Ndeipi?’ (What’s up?) from ‘Hapana’ (Nothing!).

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In a country where there is over 90% unemployment, poverty and debt are major problems leading to homelessness, alcohol abuse, crime, prostitution, poor health and feelings of helplessness.  It is a commonly held belief that people are unable to do anything about their situation as they are viewed by investors as a high risk group. With little experience in managing money, they will often fail to pay back loans, or generate an income because of the social and economic situations they are facing.

Ndeipi teaches participants that they can earn an income using the resources that they already have, rather than needing a big loan or donation.  Each participant will receive training in income generation and how to manage money, and US$1(or equivalent). It is a small amount to demonstrate what can be done with so little whilst reducing risk to the lender.  On completion of the course participants are awarded a certificate if they have pitched their business, repaid their loan and taught and empowered another person with a micro loan.

We are excited about what these sessions can do for our families and know that this programme plays an important  role in lifting these families out of the cycle of poverty and empowering them to help generate an income.  Makomborero Zimbabwe families have benefited from Ndeipi in the past but not in this exclusive programme set up especially for Makomborero.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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