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A-level Scholarship Programme

Makomborero’s flagship programme is an A-Level scholarship programme for up to 25 promising students, from around Zimbabwe, each year.

These students go through a rigorous selection process developed by Mark Albertyn, co-founder of Makomborero, and the successful applicants will either be awarded one of up to 10 places at three of the leading, private schools in Harare or be selected for one of up to 15 scholarships, paying their school and examination fees at their local government schools to allow them to continue with their A-Level Studies.

More details about the selection process and the scholarships, together with stories of the 9 groups of students that have graduated from the Makomborero Programme can be found by clicking here.

University Grant Scheme for Makomborero Alumni

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Support for our students doesn’t stop after they have taken their A-Levels. Makomborero works with partners to secure international university scholarships for a number of our A-Level graduates and the remainder can apply for support to continue their studies in Zimbabwe.

More details about how Makomborero supports its Alumni as they progress through university in Zimbabwe can be found here.

Mobile Science Laboratory

Mobile science labIn Zimbabwe, students in many schools in the high density (township) suburbs and rural areas do not have access to science laboratories due to funding difficulties.

This means the students often lack any hands-on experience of doing experiments before they sit their exams.

With this in mind, Makomborero set out to create a Mobile Science Laboratory from a converted shipping container. Find out more about the success of this project by clicking here.

Girl Mentorship Programme

Makomborero noticed a gender imbalance in the applicants to the A-Level Scholarship programme and now works with schools in the high density areas to address this.

We partner with the schools to identify vulnerable girls in Form 2, and offer the girls a chance to take part in a mentorship programme, focussed on encouraging more girls to continue their studies through to Form 4  and complete their O-Levels, aged 16-17.

To read more about Makomborero’s Girl mentorship Programme, please click here.

NDEIPI Business Training – ONE Hope Initiatives in partnership with Makomborero Zimbabwe

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Ndeipi is an entrepreneurial, small business training course focusing on changing the response to the question ‘Ndeipi?’ (What’s up?) from ‘Hapana’ (Nothing!). The programme aims to overcome the commonly held belief that people are unable to do anything about their circumstances and teaches participants that they can earn an income using the resources that they already have.

Makomborero runs the programme in partnership with ONE Hope Initiatives and you can find out more about the positive benefits of Ndeipi, by clicking here.

Mutsidzira Community Grants

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Mutsidzira (meaning “to revive”) is our most recent project and is an annual grant-awarding competition, open to past Makomborero Students.  The students can apply for grants to run a community-based project aimed at serving the community they grew up in.

To read more about our new programme, please click here.

Community Service & Rural School Support

Mark and Laura have a vision for education throughout Zimbabwe and love supporting schools in the townships and in rural areas.

Each year, when conditions allow, the Makomborero Zimbabwe team run revision schools, targeting students about to write their GCSEs in October. This is a wonderful way for our scholars to give back to their communities, as well as a great way for volunteer teachers from Zimbabwe or abroad to help.

Also, whenever they go on holiday, often taking friends and family with them, Mark and Laura pop into rural schools along the way painting blackboards and leaving textbooks.

To read more about these Makomborero activities, click here.

Safeguarding Policy

Makomborero takes the safety and security of the children in our care very seriously and has implemented a rigorous safeguarding policy which is reviewed regularly. This policy can be viewed here.

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Makomborero is proud to be part of the HALI Access Network,  an association of organisations in Africa that work with high-achieving, low-income (HALI) students to access higher education opportunities.


Makomborero has partnered with ONE Hope Initiatives, run by ONEchurch and Partners to GIVE HOPE to the hopeless. The different programs serve the poor and vulnerable in providing for basic needs, health care, entrepreneurship and life skills.

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Makomborero has partnered with GlobalGiving and been vetted by their rigorous due-diligence process since 2016. Makomborero has been Site Visit Verified by one of the organisation’s representatives who visited us and verified the work we do. We have now been classed as Top Ranked within the GlobalGiving Community of Charities and we are honoured to have been selected as a Staff Favourite.

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