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Zimbabwe's children

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The Application Process for the Makomborero A-Level Programme is now open.

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Makomborero’s vision is for both girls and boys in Zimbabwe to be given equal opportunities to stay in school and obtain a quality education as a sustainable route out of poverty. We invest time in disadvantaged communities and support talented students to finish their education and to fulfil their potential. We provide a targeted impact and instil hope and self-belief in our students and their communities.

Makomborero UK and Makomborero Zimbabwe are legally distinct organisations with different boards of trustees, each registered in their respective jurisdictions. Makomborero UK (charity number 1122176) acts primarily in a fundraising capacity to fund grants to Makomborero Zimbabwe who operate the activities in Zimbabwe. Both organisations share the same vision and mission and work in close partnership to maximise the potential outcomes for the beneficiaries.

Our Story

Makomborero means “blessings” in the local Zimbabwean language, Shona. Our logo represents people reaching to the sky for the blessings and the tree design is based upon an African tree called the Baobab.


Help a Child

Donations to support this Zimbabwean-focused charity will be used to provide schooling, food and accommodation as well as guidance, mentoring and basic educational tools such as text books and stationery.


Our Latest News

Take a journey through Makomborero’s latest stories of how people are helping and the uplifting impact this is having on the lives of Zimbabwean students, their families and the communities where they come from.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela