Changed lives

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Meet 7 students as they tell you what difference Makomborero has made to their lives… Rodwell: The growth of my passion to help other people in my community has been brought about by being part of Makomborero. I want to be a valuable asset to Zimbabwe. My goal is to bring about industrial revolution in […]

Inspire a Generation…

“I think I now understand what they mean when they refer to the first world countries. South Africa has well built infrastructure, a very good road system and is so organised. The trip has motivated me and inspired me to change Zimbabwe in some way.” This is what one of the students wrote when they […]

Our trip to South Africa – through the eyes of the students

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I remember the day well when Mr A broke the news that we had been invited to go to South Africa for the science Olympiad focus week. Everyone was quite surprised just to hear Mr Albertyn asking about passports during the physics lesson whilst we were doing a practical. At first we did not quite […]