Inspire a Generation…

“I think I now understand what they mean when they refer to the first world countries. South Africa has well built infrastructure, a very good road system and is so organised. The trip has motivated me and inspired me to change Zimbabwe in some way.”

This is what one of the students wrote when they had returned from South Africa. These students see things in ways that we as Westerners do not. We moan at every small pothole in the road – but we are blessed! Sadly Zimbabwe is not the place it once was and we can make all the judgements we like – but pointing the finger of blame does nothing. Resolving to CHANGE the situation does.

Another student writes: “From the way I grew up, when I look deep into Zimbabwe’s current situation, it needs well-educated people who can bring back what they have been offered by the country and the community…I want to come with solutions to solve problems which are threatening the lives of people in Zimbabwe and also around the globe.”

These students don’t just sit at their desks, work had, hope they get into a decent university and eventually land themselves in a good job. No – these students are deep thinkers. They see the world around them with the harsh perspective we call “the reality of life” which few of us have ever truly experienced. They see the world through eyes which have seen parents die, the lack of money to provide education for all the children in the family. They know what “financially tough” means. BUT each of these students has worked hard – and as a result, aunts / uncles / teachers saw their potential and gave them an opportunity to shine. Makomborero saw this in them too…

“Being part of Makomborero meant my life was completely changed…”

“I want to thank everyone who is contributing with any kind of help to Makomborero as they have made my dreams come true.”

“It has made a huge difference in my life and is shaping my future.”

Reading the stories of some of the students (see next blog), I feel humbled and challenged. They are proud of what they’ve achieved (and rightly so), but they are not arrogant. They realise and understand how blessed they are by the work Makomborero does and they are so grateful for it.

To the reader of this blog who supports Makomborero in any way – time, financially, voluntarily…THANK YOU.

Inspire a GenerationTo the reader who is trying to understand what Makomborero is about – please keep reading!

To both / everyone else – I present you with this challenge: next time you see someone in need – consider how you can help. The well-used phrase in the last few weeks “Inspire a generation” is true for all walks of life. Just because the Olympics has finished – it doesn’t mean we should stop inspiring others. These students were shown love and care by someone in their lives; they were inspired to work hard. They were chosen by Makomborero; they were inspired to believe in a better future. They competed and won prizes in a science Olympiad in South Africa; they were inspired – not to gain glory for themselves but to give back and help their nation.

No action is EVER too small. So go on out there today and INSPIRE A GENERATION!

Written by: Grace Baucher

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