Makomborero Zimbabwe Staff

Makomborero Zimbabwe have an incredible team working hard to make the Makomborero vision a reality in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Each staff member contributes to changing students’ lives.
Laura grey

Laura - Co-founder & COO

Laura co-founded Makomborero alongside her husband Mark in 2011. She says:

‘We have 4 wonderful children who keep us busy! I homeschool our children up to grade 7 and it’s been an incredible privilege.’ 

At work, Laura enjoys building relationships with people from all sorts of walks of life and learning how to do life together with them! She loves seeing students blossom as they discover more of themselves! Outside of work she likes to go hiking and loves time in nature as well as a good philosophy book!

Joan grey

Joan - Administrator

Joan has been part of the Makomborero Zimbabwe team since May 2013. She is married to Sam and has two children, Sam and Samantha. She enjoys interactions with staff and students. Outside of work, Joan is a keen baker, she likes to watch movies and listen to music.
Joyline grey

Joyline - House Mother

Joyline joined the Makomborero team in December 2021. She is a mother of three. She says:

‘My job is the most amazing one because I get to be a mother at home and at work. What a blessing it is to be part of the students’ lives as we help them realise who they truly are by loving them as they are.’ Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and serving others around her.

Robson grey

Robson - Driver, Caretaker & Mentor

Robson joined Makomborero Zimbabwe in January 2017. He is a father of 3 who enjoys all of his responsibilities particularly driving. He spends his spare time carving wood which he absolutely enjoys as well as going to church.
Chris mid grey

Chris - Gardener

Chris joined the Makomborero Zimbabwe team in February 2023. A father of three, he is a keen and knowledgeable gardener. He says: ‘When I’m at work I enjoy taking Rocket and Skyla out for a walk. The three of us love walking around the neighbourhood and stretching our legs. Away from work I love playing football!’
Patricia grey

Patricia - Cook/Cleaner

Patricia joined Makomborero in January 2012. She is responsible for the mouth-watering meals served at our A-Level Boarding House. She says cooking, trying out new recipes and watching people enjoy her food is her favourite part of the job!

Outside of work she enjoys listening to music particularly to Dorcas Moyo.

Johnwel grey

Johnwell - Driver & Caretaker

Johnwell started his journey at Makomborero in May 2016. He is married and a loving father of 3 boys. He enjoys the team dynamics at Makomborero and his favourite role in his job is driving particularly during our A-Level Scholarship Testing Process. Johnwell likes to spend his spare time visiting friends and relatives and catching up with them.
Mercy 1 grey

Mercy - Operations Manager

Mercy has been part of the Makomborero Zimbabwe team since 2019. She is ‘aunty’ to eight nephews and nieces. She says:

‘Days at Makomborero are never the same for me. I enjoy the different roles that make up my job, it keeps things interesting! I love having conversations with mentees and students and find young people amazing! Outside of work, some of my favourite things are writing, eating out, travelling and listening to live music.’

Farai 4 grey

Farai - Student Relations Officer

Farai joined the Makomborero team in May 2024. He is the eldest of four. At work, he enjoys that he learns something new everyday and gets to feel that he is making a difference.  Outside of work he likes thought experiments Riddles, puzzles, brain teasers and optical illusions and most things intellectual. He also enjoys playing chess, and coaches tennis in his spare time.