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Meet 7 students as they tell you what difference Makomborero has made to their lives…

Being part of Makomborero completely changed my life.The growth of my passion to help other people in my community has been brought about by being part of Makomborero.

I want to be a valuable asset to Zimbabwe. My goal is to bring about industrial revolution in Zimbabwe and take it to new dimensions where we will compete with countries like South Africa. I just want to thank everyone who is contributing with any kind of help to Makomborero as they have made my dreams come true.


Tinashe Z:
I aspire to be a Software engineer. It is such a great blessing to be on this scholarship as it has made a difference in so many aspects of my life. Both my parents passed away, so I was raised up by many relatives depending on who could afford adding company to their family. After my mother died when I was in the second grade, I lived with my aunt, who also lived with her three children, my sister and my uncle. (My father had passed away when I was just three years old). Because life became financially tougher for my aunt, my sister and I had to be moved to the rural areas to live with our grandparents. My aunties helped in ways they could because sometimes life got harder for my grandparents.

Because I worked so hard in school and consistently had good results, my uncle took me and found me a better school here in Harare. My grandparents were the ones who had to pay most of the school fees, but sometimes he took care of everything as they would be struggling. I always hoped and prayed for a school where I would have access to educational resources and as witnessed by my answered prayers, Makomborero Zimbabwe takes care of everything that I need.

I was so happy when Mr Albertyn told me that I had been awarded a scholarship, because it was something that I really needed considering where I had come from. I now have access to lots of textbooks, computers, the internet, we go out on trips, and most importantly life has become financially better for my family.

I would just like to thank Makomborero Zimbabwe for the help. It has made a huge difference in my life, and is shaping my future. Hopefully I will continue to pursue my dream at a University with access to better educational resources like here at Makomborero.

Getting a scholarship has opened doors for me.I passed my ‘O’ levels very well but I knew that my parents could not afford to send me to a better school where I could do my sciences. My ‘O’ level class teacher told me to apply to KST for a scholarship so I went for it and I just put my trust in God. Thank God I got a scholarship and I am now learning at Gateway under Makomborero Zimbabwe.

I am now exposed to things which I was not exposed to before like doing computer lessons. These two years have not been easy for me but with God I have made it this far and I am going to make it further. I am going to university next year where I will be doing medicine as I want to be a doctor.


My father could not afford to pay my school fees whilst I was in form four and so I was helped by Mavambo trust (a local organisation in Mabvuku.) I could not understand how the help was coming but could see that it was God’s hand touching my life. My mother inspires me the most: she is a voluntary worker with orphans and HIV positive people in our area. She is also a community based councillor and she’s there to support me.

Coming from a world where many people do not believe in you, my family believed I could do it. I sat my O-levels and applied for the Makomborero Scholarship because I needed financial assistance and I wanted to learn at a school where there was equipment for doing sciences. It was on Monday when I received the message that I had qualified for the scholarship, everyone in my family was happy and again God’s hand already made a way for me. Life changed for me and I came here to Makomborero and met a lot of people with different stories and at last I knew God had a plan for my life. I would like to become an actuary, but I am keeping my mind open as I am considering venturing into medicine. I qualified for the Zimbabwean Old mutual Olympiad maths final round and I am waiting for the results.

Many thanks to my sponsors Mr A and Mrs A, Mr Getsi and many others I do not know, I thank God for their lives and their love for they are fulfilling God’s will.


One saying that keeps me going and working hard is “it is not your fault that you were born poor but it is your fault that you die poor.”I went to a boarding school in Mutare called Mutambara High School for my secondary school. I did not manage to finish my form two in 2008 due to financial constraints; my parents could not afford the school fees since my father was a sculptor and my mother was just a housewife. I stopped going to school in October 2008 and stayed at home as my younger sister was starting form in 2009.

My aunt, knowing that I was a talented, intelligent and focused individual decided to take care of me in June 2009 after I had stayed at home for eight months. I decided to go straight into form three; I did not want to repeat form two. This is one of my principles in life- never repeat any level of education if I am given all the resources I need. I started my ordinary level in June 2009.

I managed to finish my O level and applied for a Makomborero Scholarship and went through many tests and interviews. Through the grace of God I got the scholarship. I strongly believe that given the opportunity to learn with fourteen bright students I can achieve more and neither the sky nor anyone can limit me!

I have a poor background but I know that through Makomborero nothing can stop me from becoming a medical doctor; where I come from does not determine my future.


I applied to the Makomborero Trust as I had no one to pay for my advanced level education. Before coming to Makomborero trust, I had difficulties in paying for my school fees and lacked a place conducive for studying.

Just after finishing my primary school my uncle frankly told me that he could not afford to sent me to school anymore. He was my guardian since both of parents died when I was young. I thank God that when I presented my case together with my results to a local school’s headmistress, she sympathized with me and went on to sort a scholarship for me from a local church pastor who then paid for my school needs until I finished my Ordinary level and I applied to Makomborero.

I still hold on to my dreams of changing other peoples’ lives: of being a blessing to many – the needy, orphans and other marginalized groups in society.As people we always hope and pray earnestly for the best, but when the best come it sets into us with great trembling. Indeed this happened to me. I was very glad to be awarded the scholarship. In Mr A’s voice I saw my crystal clear prosperous future as he called to inform me that I was awarded the scholarship.

I am very grateful to Makomborero – every bit of my life changed; it was the first time I had had a new complete uniform since I started school when I was in grade one. It was a complete turnaround to the new world of love. After finishing my exams I intend to find a job whilst looking for a University scholarship to study industrial engineering or electrical engineering. During the wait, I will also dedicate some of my time to doing social service such as volunteering and working with some organizations.


Tinashe R:
One day I want to be an associate of Makomborero helping other talented students to achieve their goals. My father passed away in 2002 and currently I am living with my mother. I did well in class and with the help of my mathematics teacher Mr Madzorera who gave me extra lessons for no pay I managed to excel. I dreamt of learning at a group A (top) school where all the schooling resources are available as where I was learning the resources were limited. I am always encouraged by my community to work hard and hope for the best. Knowing that my mother was struggling to pay my school fees, I applied for the scholarship.

I felt as if I was on top of the world when I received the message that I was chosen for the scholarship from Makomborero. It was an achievement of a lifetime. I have a passion for being a Chemical Engineer and with the type of education I was receiving, my passion was gradually fading away, but the scholarship came up as a bright light which is providing a vivid vision towards my future.

The scholarship has taught me how to give and to impact one’s life. After school, I am hoping to proceed to university where I will do engineering. I long to change the life status of my community and my country so I am planning to use my knowledge and every opportunity I get to develop them as a whole.

Tinashe R

Written by: Makomborero students. Edited by: Grace Baucher

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