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2022 Mutsidzira Grant Winner

Makomborero Zimbabwe is excited to share with you the project chosen for Mutsidzira Community Grant award for 2022/23 projects.

Mutsidzira is an annual community grant that invites past Makomborero students to apply for financial help in order to fund their proposed projects. The main aim of this grant is to invest into and revive communities. One of the top requirements is that the project must operate from and benefit the area where the applicant lives, involving as much of the community as possible.

Mutsidzira was launched in 2020 with three projects starting in 2021, two of these still active. We are very proud of the 2021 grant winners and all they achieved in their communities. We are also very excited to introduce to you our 2022 grant winner and find out a little bit about his project!

Picture1 Nyasha Mutsidzira

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Nyasha. I am studying Electrical and Electronic engineering at the University of Zimbabwe. I chose this area of study because from childhood I had a passion for electrical components. I was inspired by Thomas Edson’s inventions as well as Nikola Tesla. My brother used to tell me a lot about these godfathers of electrical engineering at a young age and he fed my interest in the field!

What made you want to apply for the Mutsidzira Grant?

I was born in Muchuva, Buhera and grew up in Muzokomba, Buhera. I have always felt that my community was lagging behind in terms of innovation. Growing up, there was a lot of poverty and a lot of children out of school. Most of the people in my community rely on donors and well-wishers and my heart is to equip people in my community to be self-reliant by using their skills. To me, having a skill is a major part of development.

What is your project all about and what are you hoping to achieve with this project?

My project is called Muzokomba Rejuvination Project. It’s essentially a peanut butter making project. It aims to assist students from underprivileged backgrounds with school supplies such as books, pens, rulers etc and eventually we hope to be able to pay school fees for those who need it. I will provide a market to local farmers by buying their peanuts. The peanut butter will be made locally by adults in the Muzokomba community. The beauty of the project is it allows parents/relatives of the children we want to assist to join in the making of the peanut butter, using machinery afforded by the grant. In turn the children of the peanut butter makers will get help with school supplies and hopefully school fees. We will also look out for those whose parents cannot contribute to the peanut butter making and help them as well.

Is there anything that you have done for your community prior to this project?

I used to assist students from Muzokomba High with Maths, Accounting and Science subjects while I was studying there. I have a real passion to see young people excel in Science subjects so I would assist students referred to me by word of mouth. Some students even came to my house after school or at weekends in order to get help and I didn’t mind this at all, actually it made me very happy!

What are your favourite things to do?

Playing and watching soccer and being on Twitter.  (Sadly Nyasha is a supporter of Man City)

I like singing and I’m part of an Afro-fusion band in Mutare.

I still really like spending my time assisting high school students with their school work, especially with Science subjects.

What’s your favourite meal?

Rice and chicken

If you could join any band which one would it be and why         

Third Generation Band (that’s Jah Prayzah’s band). They are a huge inspiration to me.

Which country do you hope to visit one day

America. I love research and feel that this would be a great place to do that in my field.

Congratulations Nyasha on winning USD$500 for your project! We wish Nyasha the very best for his project all the way in Buhera! We will keep you posted on his progress.

Mutsidzira – Our communities in our hands!

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