Class of 2014

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Lazarus M

Lazarus lives in Chitungwiza. He is the third born in a family of six. His father is self-employed and earns a living by transporting people to the local market in Chikwanha. Lazarus’ dream is to be able to take care of his family one day. He also shares the same vision with Makomborero Zimbabwe and wants to help other children who struggle with school fees. Lazarus is attending Hellenic Academy.
A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Chemistry A, Further Maths C

Nicola J

Nicola is the last born in a family of four. Her father passed away a few years ago and she stays with her mother and siblings in Mufakose. Nicola’s ambition is to become a pilot and she strongly feels that this scholarship will help her achieve her dreams. Apart from reading books, Nicola loves playing tennis. She would also want to be a motivational speaker and encourage girls in particular to study hard in order for them to achieve their dreams. She believes that girls can change the world! Nicola is at Gateway High School.
A-level Results: Maths A, Biology A*, Chemistry A, General Paper A

Joseph M

Joseph lives in Norton with his parents, two siblings and three cousins. Joseph’s heart is set on becoming a software engineer. Since form one, Joseph has received several prizes in Physics and Computer Science. He also enjoys sport and has attained a gold medal in hammer and a bronze in discus at National level. Joseph is a true Zimbabwe patriot who desires to promote education by introducing Computer Based Learning and e-learning facilities in schools. He attends Hellenic Academy.
A-level Results: Maths B, Physics B, Chemistry B

Yeukai  S

Yeukai lives in Chitungwiza and has three siblings. Her parents are vendors and sell clothes. Yeukai is a shy girl and hates failing. She is motivated by her Headmaster at Seke 4 High. She believes that the scholarship will help break the chain of poverty in her family, as it will give her a good education and help her to achieve her goal of becoming an Optician. She attends Gateway High School.
A-level Results: Maths A*, Physics A, Chemistry A

Prince C

Prince lives in Mufakose and is the last born in a family of three. His father and mother passed away in 2013 and his older brother was until recently responsible for his school fees and welfare. Prince is passionate about health and would like to specialise in nutrition and health. He holds a First Aid Certificate through St Johns Ambulance. He was a member of the Junior Parliament of June 2012 – June 2013 and was Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare. During this time, he managed to help some orphans in his community through guidance and counselling. He is attending St George’s College.
A-level Results: Maths B, Biology A, Chemistry A*

David M

David lives in New Tafara and is born into a family of four. His father lost his sight in 2009 and the family rely on his pension and generous donations from the community. David is an intelligent young man and has proven this by his very good marks despite the many financial challenges he has faced. He has a heart for his community and family. He is attending Gateway High School.
A-level Results: Maths A, Accounts A, Economics B, General Paper C

Michael D

Michael lives in Chitungwiza with his father and step-mother who are self-employed. From the time he was in grade six, Michael knew that he wanted to be an electrical engineer and believes that with the right education he will be able to make a significant and positive change to Zimbabwe’s power crisis. He was a senior prefect in primary school. Michael is attending St George’s College.
A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A*

SikhosanaLD 1
Sikhosana D

Sikhosana lives in rural Norton with his grandmother and his young cousins. His father passed away in 2005. Sikhosana is passionate about Maths, Physics and Chemistry evidenced by him getting prizes in these subjects at the Prize Giving Day at his former school in 2013. His role model is Strive Masiiwa. He has had to walk great distances to school each day up till now and is expectant for what the future holds for him, his family and his community. He is attending St George’s College.
A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A*

2015 External Student Leavers | A Level Results

Paddington Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Accounts A
Thabani Maths A, Further Maths C, Physics A, Chemistry A
Munashe Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry A
Kanisio Maths A, Accounts A, Business Studies A
Tamudashe Maths A, Further Maths B, Physics B, Chemistry A
Melissa Maths B, Physics C, Chemistry B

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Nelson Mandela

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