2021 Intake

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Here are the background stories of the 10 internal scholars and the 16 external scholars of Makomborero’s 2021 intake.
The 2021 Internal Scholars
Melisah 381

Melisah is a future Aircraft Engineer who loves singing and playing football. Melisah is attending school at Gateway High School.

Leonard 261

Leonard is a future Medical Doctor who is passionate about peer guidance and counselling and was involved in the Youth Against AIDS club where he was a peer educator. He is an ambitious individual who wishes to one day start a Biotechnology research company. Leonard is attending school at Hellenic Academy.

Kuda 407

Kudakwashe is a future Medical Doctor who has been involved in school clubs such as Leadership Experiences, Media Club and LEO Club. He is also a gifted rugby player. He is passionate about helping other people and wants to be a doctor. Kudakwashe is studying at Gateway High School.

David 362

David is a future Medical Doctor who loves playing chess and tennis. He is studying at St George’s College.

Rejoice 90

Rejoice is a future Neurosurgeon who is an ambitious young woman with dreams of impacting her community by one day starting sci-tech hub that will create opportunities for local people. Rejoice is studying at Hellenic Academy.

Elias 164

Elias is a future Neurosurgeon who wants to make a huge impact in the health system of Zimbabwe. He was involved in the Youth Alive club and was nominated as a peer educator. Elias is studying at Hellenic Academy.

Nyasha M 124

Nyasha is a future Software Engineer who has been motivated by the biographies of Bill Gates and Jack Ma, and hopes to one day make Africa a more tech-savvy continent. Nyasha is studying at St George’s College.

Munashe 406

Munashe is a future Anaesthesiologist who is determined to improve the health standards in Zimbabwe and the world at large. Munashe is studying at Gateway High School.

Nyasha R 87

Nyasha is a future Computer Engineer who loves athletics and has been part of the Youth Alive Club. She wants to bring great innovations to the world in the field of Computer Science through being an entrepreneur. Nyasha is studying at St. George’s College.

Tawana 97

Tawananyasha is a future Neurosurgeon who loves chess, debate and quiz and hopes to one day counter the effects of Down’s Syndrome. Tawananyasha is studying at St George’s College.

The 2021 External Scholars
Proceed 395

Proceed wants to make an impact in his community by one day becoming a cardiologist.

Ruva 409

Ruvarashe is a future Doctor who aspires to one day start a scholarship fund to help underprivileged students in her community.

Sean 920

Sean is a future Zoologist who has a passion for animals and enjoys being around them. During his free time he loves reading wildlife books.

Staford 68

Staford is a future Engineer who loves chess, rugby and maths quiz. Staford is passionate about mathematics and science subjects as these will help him achieve his dream of becoming an engineer.

Taku 359

Takudzwa is a future Electronic Engineer who has an entrepreneurial mind and is not ashamed of using it. Takudzwa plays chess and korfball, in which he was the vice-captain.

Tatenda 333

Tatenda is a future Mechanical Engineer who enjoys working out Physics and Maths problems and was involved in chess and Scripture Union. Tatenda is keen on investing in young people’s ideas as she believes they have the potential to change the world.

Tinotenda 67

Tinotenda is a future Chemical Engineer who is a disciplined, determined student with excellent leadership skills. He was the head boy of his secondary school.

Brian 452

Brian is a future Medical Chemist who loves computer programming. He wants to venture into medical research and development where he hopes to leave a permanent mark.

Wisdom 74

Wisdom is a future Civil Engineer who is enthusiastic of his school work and fully exploits his learning capacity. He is also into sports and was part of the rugby school team. Wisdom aspires to one day establish his own company.

Tinotenda 423

Tinotenda is a future Neurosurgeon with brilliant leadership skills, being the captain of her school volleyball team and director of the Sunday School at her church. She is also actively involved in community service: visiting old people’s homes and doing clean up campaigns. Inspired by Ben Carson, her dream is to one day become a neurosurgeon.

Adelaide 404 1

Adelaide is a future Chartered Accountant who loves working with figures, athletics and volleyball player and aspires to form an organisation which will help tackle social issues such as early marriages and drug abuse.

Brighton 361

Brighton is a future Electrical Engineer who is involved in clubs such as Youth Against AIDS and First Aid where he was the chairperson and has participated in many HIV and AIDS and cholera champaigns at school. Brighton has good leadership qualities and was chosen a junior prefect.

Faith 78

Faith is a future Doctor who dreams of saving the lives of many. She is also interested in Computer Science and hopes to expand her knowledge in this field.

David C 41

David is a future Civil Engineer who is determined to change his circumstances.

Mutimuri 453

Mutimuri is a future Aerospace Engineer who is an avid reader of books, which he uses to acquire many skills. During the Covid-19 lockdown he managed to learn web development, graphic designing and Python programming, among other things. He also exhibits excellent leadership skills, being president of the Science Club and vice president of the Zimbabwe United Nations Association Club. Mutimuri is interested in Psychology, Neuroscience and entrepreneurship, which he believes is the key to transforming the world.

Alessandro 441 1

Future Public Governor – Alessandro is the second born in a family of five. He lives in Mufakose with his mother and three siblings. His father passed away in a car accident when he was nine. He was the breadwinner therefore his absence left a huge hole in the family which had to be filled by Alessandro’s mother. Looking after five children on her own was not an easy task for her and the family had to endure severe financial difficulties. Alessandro is a gifted young man who once won a national poetry competition. He was also a junior MP of Mufakose Constituency, one of the youngest people to attain this position. He wants a career related to public governance and plans to major in Computer Science and minor in Social Science.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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