2020 Intake

We are very pleased to announce the AS-Level results for the Internal Scholars of the 2020 Intake. Listed below are the cumulative grades for the 9 internal students who took the Cambridge International AS-Level exams in 2020.

Grade A = 27, Grade B = 5, Grade C = 1
(A* is not awarded at AS level)


Donell M

Donell is a future Engineer who has a very strong liking for the aviation industry. His dream is to study his Major in Aeronautics at university level. He believes that a career in aeronautics will help him come up with ideas that will benefit the country and inspire other students who want to pursue a career in aeronautics and who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Donell is attending school at Hellenic Academy.


Priscilla M

Priscilla is a future Chemical Engineer who is determined to work hard in order to make a better life for her family and herself. She also wants to empower other girls, especially those who come from rural backgrounds and who face financial challenges. Priscilla is attending school at Hellenic Academy.


Dadiso N

Dadiso is a future Doctor/Surgeon who aspires to improve the quality of the medical fraternity by becoming a successful surgeon and providing affordable medical care in her community, where clinics, hospitals and doctors are few. Dadiso is studying at Hellenic Academy.


Marshall M

Marshall is a future Radiologist who loves reading motivational and inspirational books so that he can encourage others in tough situations. He loves giving back to his community and is involved in community service projects like visiting the elderly and helping with clean-up campaigns. He was the Vice Chairman of the Scripture Union Club. Marshall loves cricket and dreams of becoming a well-recognised cricket player in future. He is studying at St George’s College.


Trust T

Trust is a future Civil Engineer who loves maths and helps Form 1 students, who struggle in this subject. His love of maths and the art of infrastructural development inspired him to want to become a civil engineer as he will be able to serve his community in infrastructure development. He also loves volleyball. He is studying at St George’s College.


Nicole M

Nicole is a future Chemical Engineer whose dream is to work hard and become successful so that she can lessen the financial burden her family faces. Nicole is one of the pioneer group of girls studying at St George’s College.


Ropafadzo M

Ropafadzo is a future Pilot who loves reading, was the Vice President of the Debate Club and loves playing netball. Ropafadzo is also part of the pioneer group of girls studying at St George’s College.


Tanatswa M

Tanatswa is a future Biomedical Engineer who loves playing chess, is a great athlete and loves swimming. Tanatswa is studying at Gateway High School.


Melanie C

Melanie is a future Aeronautical Engineer who is a hard-working girl, a go-getter and self-driven. She loves socialising and meeting new people. Melanie is studying at Gateway High School.