2019 Intake

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We are very pleased to announce that the A-Level results for the Internal Scholars of the 2019 Intake. Listed below are the cumulative grades for the 9 internal students that took the Cambridge International A-Level exams in 2020.


Grade A* = 26,  Grade A = 3, Grade B = 2

Bradley C.

Future Mechanical/Electronic Engineer – Bradley is the 1st born in a family of 2 and stays in Chitungwiza.  His father is a cross-border trader.  He buys and sells clothes that he brings in from South Africa.  His mother is a house wife.  Bradley is a confident young man and is very passionate about improving his community.  He dreams of giving back to his community and improving his family’s living standards. He attended Hellenic Academy.

Milton V

Future Neurosurgeon – Milton is a humble young man born into a family of 5 and lives in the rural part of Domboshava.  Milton’s father is an inspiring man who had an accident that deformed his right hand and is unable to use it. He taught himself to sew with one hand and supports his family through tailoring.  He loves being involved in community service projects.  Milton plays soccer and chess.  He attended Hellenic Academy.

Shalom M

Future Electrical Engineer – Shalom is the last born in a family of 3.  She lives with her mum and grandfather.  Her grandfather looks after the family working as a security guard.  Shalom has benefited from two organisations paying her fees.  Shalom is a hardworking young lady and has excelled in her studies.  Her dream is to show the girl child that hard work pays off. Shalom attended Hellenic Academy.

Tadiwa H

Future Software/Computer Engineer – Tadiwa is the first born in a family of 2 staying in Kuwadzana with their mother.  Her mother is the one who provides for the families basic needs.  Tadiwa loves the world of science and has a very inquisitive mind.  Tadiwa has been involved in the Environmental Club, Public Speaking and Debate Club at her former school.  She attended Hellenic Academy.

Shingirai T

Future Medical Doctor – Shingirai is the last born in a family of 2 and stays in Chitungwiza with his mother.  In 2014 his mother lost her job and since then she does domestic chores for a couple that they share the house with.  Shingirai aspires to become a doctor and help sick children.  He dreams of becoming a successful doctor so that he can help with research treatments that will help reduce deaths.  Shingirai is a humble young man and loves to give back to his community and has spent time at an Old People’s Home doing general work.  Shingirai attended St George’s College.

Ngonidzashe M

Future Actuarial Scientist – Ngonidzashe is from Zvishavane and has 3 siblings.  His parents are separated and his mother supports the family.   Ngoni loves doing community service projects.  His dream is to start an organisation that helps the under-privileged in his home town of Zvishavane.  Ngonidzashe was actively involved in Scripture Union Club and Guidance & Counselling Club at his previous school.  He attended St George’s College.

Simon M

Future Engineer (Professor) – Simon is the 2nd born in a family of 3 and stays in a 2-roomed house with his family in Norton.  His parents are both tailors.  Simon loves playing chess and has won the National Scholars Chess Championship for two consecutive years.  Simon’s dream is to own a successful Engineering company.  His role model is Albert Einstein.  He would like to leave a legacy that will inspire the younger generation. Simon attended St George’s College.

Winnie M

Future Neurosurgeon – Winnie is one of 5 siblings.  Her mother runs a poultry project on the stand in Norton. Winnie’s passion of becoming a Neurosurgeon is to inspire the girlchild who have lost hope that nothing is impossible if you work hard.  Her role model is her mother, who has taught her that a girl needs a good education and not to rush into marriage.  Winnie attended Gateway High School.

Yeukai B

Future Pharmacist – Yeukai is the 2nd born in a family of 3.  She stays in Chitungiwiza with her family.  Their parents got divorced when she was very young. Her mother struggles to support the family.  During the holidays, Yeukai helps her mother sell samosas in order to raise money for school fees.  Yeukai is a very intelligent young lady who has excelled at her previous school.  She has enjoyed playing handball and girls soccer.  Her dream is to change people’s lives in the medical fraternity. Yeukai attended Gateway High School.

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