2016 Intake

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Chenai M

Future Acturial Scientist – Chenai is a young lady, who is the first born in a family of 3. She lives in Mufakose with her mother and her siblings and attended Mufakose 2 High. Her father passed away when she was in Form 2 and her mother has been her pillar of strength. Chenai was a member of the Debate and Public Speaking Club, Eco-Biodiversity Club and Interact Club at her former school. She was also a Junior Parliamentarian. Her hope for the future is to eradicate poverty and improve the quality of life in her community. Chenai attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Chemistry A

Ropafadzo S

Future Medical Doctor – Ropafadzo is the second child in her family of 3. She stays in Kambuzuma. She attended Mufakose 3 High. Her mum is a teacher at a rural government school and her father is unemployed. Ropa at some stage stayed out of school for a term due to a lack of school fees. She is grateful for the scholarship. Ropa’s passion is becoming a Neurologist and to offer her services for free to the under–privileged and senior citizens in the community. She believes that a good education is the key to her success. Ropa attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Chemistry A

Ryan M

Future Computer Scientist – Ryan is an only child, who lost both his parents at a very early age in life. He stays in Chitungwiza with his grandparents and his two cousins, who also lost their parents. He attended Seke 1 High. His grandmother rears chickens to raise money to pay fees and put food on the table. The church that Ryan attends helped with his school fees in Form 3 and 4. Ryan is fascinated by technology and would like to make a big impact in Zimbabwe. He attended St George’s College.

A-level Results: Maths C, Physics C, Chemistry C

Gwinyai M

Future Medical Doctor (Optician) – Gwinyai stays in Warren Park D. He attended Warren Park High. He has three siblings, although his father looks after five more children. The place they rent cannot accommodate all of them so Gwinyai sleeps in his aunt’s home next door. His father struggles to pay school fees and put food on the table. He works for a record company as a clerk and his mother is unemployed. Besides helping his mother with household chores, Gwinyai finds time to help his peers with their school work. He also teaches Sunday School at his local church. He attended St George’s College.

A-level Results: Maths B, Physics A, Chemistry B

Tinotenda M

Future Mechanical Engineer – Tinotenda stays in New Tafara and is in a family of five children. He attended Mabvuku High. His father is a college teacher and his mother was laid off work at the end of 2015. Tinotenda loves school and is inspired by his parents. He loves helping others in his community, by offering free tuition in Maths and Science subjects. He would love to be a role model to those at his school and the community. His love for volleyball earned him a championship position at his former school. Tinotenda attended St George’s College.

A-level Results: Maths D, Physics C, Chemistry C, English Language C

Takudzwanashe M

Future Aircraft Engineer – Takudzwa lives in Glen Norah with his parents. He attended St Peter’s Kubatana High School in Highfield. Takudzwa’s father was involved in an accident in which he was badly injured. He has not been able to get a job ever since. His mother rears chickens from their home. Takudzwa is passionate about science. He has held study groups at his home and helped some Form 3 students in Maths. This has boosted his passion for his community. He attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics B, Chemistry B

Belinda M

Future Doctor – Belinda is a young girl and has one sibling. She attended Goromonzi High School. Her mother is a widow and she teaches at a rural school in Dande. They stay in Zengeza 3, where they were offered accommodation by her late father’s friend. When her father passed away in 2011, Belinda’s uncle paid for her education as her mother could not cope but has sadly been unable to pay the last few terms fees. She continued to show commitment in her school work and excelled. She attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths A, Biology A, Chemistry B, General Paper C

Ruramaimunashe M

Future Doctor (Cardiologist) – Ruramai is the sixth born in a family of six. She attended St Paul’s Musami High School. Her father was laid off work in 2013 and then suffered a stroke. His speech has suffered and he is undergoing physiotherapy. Her mother does part-time jobs when she can get any work. Ruramai’s uncle has been paying for her school fees but at times he finds it difficult as he also has to pay for his father’s medication as well as to look after his own family. Ruramai was a member of the Chess Club at her former school. She attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths C, Physics B, Chemistry B

2016 External Student Intake | A Level Results

Tapuwa Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Further Maths A
Simbarashe Maths A, Accounting A, Business Studies B
Cassy Maths E, Physics D, Chemistry B
Perserverance Maths E, Physics E, Chemistry D
Nigel Maths A, Accounting A, Business Studies A, Economics A
Theophelus Maths A, Accounting A, Business Studies A

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