2015 Intake

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Marcus M

Future Aircraft Engineer – Marcus is the 2nd born in a family of four and lives with his parents in Zengeza. His father is a teacher at a government school in Zengeza and was involved in an accident two years ago. He was hospitalised for several months and had to sell the little they had to settle the medical bill. They have struggled ever since to send their children to school and Marcus has been sent home many times for non-payment of fees. This did not discourage him and he continued to work hard. He is inspired by people who give back to their communities and would like to help those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds when he becomes successful. Marcus attended St George’s College.

A-level Results: Maths B, Physics A, Chemistry B

Prince M

Future Aeronautical Engineer – Prince is the last born in a family of 3. He lives with his mother and one of his brothers. His father left them in 2002 after physically assaulting his mother. He was sentenced to two years in prison and Prince believes that he has remarried. His mother worked for Tel-One and was retrenched in 2003 while she was recovering from injuries sustained from the assault. She is now a vendor and sells fish in Norton. Prince has been involved in several community projects and has been part of a clean-up campaign in Norton. He has been a prefect at both primary and high school. He attended St George’s College.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry B

Takudzwa M

Future Engineer – Takudzwa grew up under the care of Emerald Hill Children’s Home. He does not know his parents. His passion is for Physics and would like to give back to the community by erecting beautiful scientific structures that will benefit Zimbabwe. He enjoys watching programmes on scientific inventions and developments especially mega structures that are built with scientific expertise. His upbringing and being loved by total strangers drives him to do the same in future. He believes that he would not be where he is now without these people. Takudzwa attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry B, General Paper B
University: Lafayette College, USA – Engineering – (Lafayette Needs Based Financial Aid)

Sharon K

Future Medical Doctor – Sharon is the 3rd born in a family of four and lives in Budiriro. Her father is self-employed as a company registration consultant. Besides taking care of his family, Sharon’s father looks after his sister and his niece. Sharon was in the Interact club, played chess and was a member of the First Aid Club at her former school. She loves helping the needy hence her career choice to become a medical doctor. Sharon believes that hard work is the answer to a successful future. She attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths A, Biology A, Chemistry B, General Paper B
University: University of Zimbabwe – Medicine and Surgery – (Makomborero Grant)

Tanaka K

Future Business Analyst – Tanaka is an only child and has been raised by his mother, who works in South Africa as a domestic worker. He does not know his father. Tanaka stays in Highfield in his maternal grandfather’s house together with his aunts and their families. Tanaka is an ambitious and well-spoken young man. He is business-minded and his passion was instilled in him by his uncle who is a fisherman and Tanaka would help him sell his fish. Tanaka’s dream is to become a successful businessman and to reach out and help the less privileged, both financially and emotionally. He attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Economics A, Business Studies A

Tadiwanshe M

Future Mechanical Engineer – Tadiwanashe is the second born in a family of five which has two sets of twins. His mother is a primary school teacher and his father is self-employed as a carpenter but because of the bad economic climate, he had to close his business. This resulted in his parents not being able to pay school fees for him and his siblings. Tadiwanashe is passionate about Physics and inventing things. He said being successful is knowing that you have done selfless acts for others. He is inspired by his father who has done all he could to ensure that all his children attain the best education despite financial challenges. Tadiwanashe attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Further Maths E
University: American University of Beirut, Lebanon – Mechanical Engineering – (Mastercard Scholarship)

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Charlegne R

Future Medical Doctor – Charlegne is the first born in a family of four. Her father died in a road accident in 2014. Her mother survives on vending. They stay in a two-roomed house in Mufakose. Charlegne is inspired by her mother who has supported her and stood her ground when some relatives had insisted that they relocate to the rural areas. Charlegne is passionate about studying medicine especially about cancer. In future she wants to be able to raise awareness through campaigns to woman and girls on breast and cervical cancer. She respects human life and would like to save it in any way possible. She believes that attaining a good education is the first step in doing that. Charlegne attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Accounting A
University: University of Edinburgh, Scotland – Chemical Engineering – (Mastercard Scholarship)

Tatenda J

Future Medical Doctor – Tatenda lives in Epworth and is the 2nd born in a family of 3. His mother and elder brother are both vendors and his young brother is in grade 4. His father died in a car accident in 2008. Tatenda completed his O-Level education in 2013 and attained 11A’s and 2B’s. He fell ill after his results came out and could not proceed to A-level and also his mother could not afford to send him to a school that offers science subjects. He has been studying A-level subjects from home by borrowing books. Tatenda is a determined young boy and never gave up even when the odds were against him. He is touched by young children who are unable to go to school for lack of money and would want to be able to assist those children affected when he is successful. Tatenda attended St George’s College.

A-level Results: Maths A*, Physics A*, Biology B, Chemistry A

Bruce 2
Bruce M

Future Architectural Engineer – Bruce is the 1st born in a family of 2. His mother is a school teacher and his father is self-employed but because of the economic challenges the country is facing, his business is not doing well. Bruce believes that true leadership is established on humility and hard work, hence success is achieved. He believes that for any nation to prosper with the economy in mind, there is need for construction of a modern infrastructure which must be addressed by the work of an architectural engineer. Bruce attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths B, Physics A, Design & Technology B, Computer Science B

2015 External Student Intake | A Level Results

Ngonidzashe Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry A
Munashe Maths B, Physics D, Computers A

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Maths A, Chemistry B, Biology A
Roy Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry A

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Maths A, Chemistry B, Biology B
Takudzwa Maths C, Physics C, Chemistry C, Biology A
Tapiwa Maths B, Chemistry B, Biology B, Accounts A

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