2012 Intake


Lisa L

Lisa is a future Neurosurgeon who is a deep thinker and wants to provide a better future for her family and community in which she grew up in. Lisa attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Chemistry A, Further Maths C
University: Wellesley College, USA – Neuroscience and PreMed


Nyashadzaishe K

Nyashadzaishe is a future Astrophysicist who feels that to be considered successful he would like to have provided for his family, raised children who are in a loving environment with access to excellent education. He sees the need to give back to his community and has a real vision to make Astrophysics available to all who are interested. Nyashadzaishe attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Biology A*, Chemistry A, General Paper A
University: National University of Science &Technology, Zimbabwe – Electronic Engineering


Pamela S

Pamela is a future Scientist and Entrepreneur who loves Physics and believes that “her country needs her new and innovative ideas”. Pamela attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths B, Physics B, Chemistry B
University: University of West Virginia, USA – Electrical Engineering


Phillip M

Phillip is a future Neurosurgeon who has big dreams and is determined that his past will not hinder his goals. He is a very gifted young man who has had to overcome overwhelming odds to get where he is today! This scholarship is quite literally life changing for him. Phillip attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths A*, Physics A, Chemistry A
University: Shandong University, China – MBBS Medicine


Collen G

Collen is a future Actuarial Scientist who dreams of becoming the president of Zimbabwe and changing his nation. He longs for the day when he “no longer lives for survival and stability but can rather be in a position to support others who would want to achieve their goals in life”. Collen attended St George’s College.

A-level Results: Maths B, Biology A, Chemistry A*
University: University of Zimbabwe – Mathematics


Tinotenda M

Tinotenda is a future Aircraft Engineer whose leadership skills have resulted in him being a Junior Member of Parliament. His mother is his role model as she has encouraged him to never give up, even when times were really hard.

A-level Results: Maths A, Accounts A, Economics B, General Paper C
University: McGill University, Canada – Electrical and Computer Engineering


Blessing M

Blessing is a future Electrical Engineer who is a very driven young man, who wants to see his goals accomplished and people’s lives changed through the opportunities he has been given. Blessing attended Gateway High School.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A*
University: Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey – Electronic Engineering


Taringana G

Taringana is a future Aviation Pilot who believes that this scholarship will give him the platform to be able to help less privileged children and see them also achieve their goals. He is a gifted young man and his mother has been his inspiration as she has always encouraged him to keep working hard and hold onto the hope of making it to university and beyond. Taringana attended Hellenic Academy.

A-level Results: Maths A, Physics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A*
University: Dartmouth College, USA – Engineering Science