I sit down and write what rhymes.
I do so in joyful, sorrowful ,and depressing times.
I bring joy and laughter into people’s lives,
Something to look forward to after their nine-to-fives.
I write pages and pages because i enjoy it,
But I do not intend to be called a poet.

When I am sad, I write my life story.
Hoping my name goes down in history.
I recollect how I have changed to become a man,
Serving my community and wishing nothing in return.
It calms me down and burdens become lighter,
But never should you address me as a writer.

In the midst of it all, I begin to draw
What is inside the house and outside the door
Through imagination I bring color to this dull world.
I tell a lot of stories without saying a word.
But they want an exhibition to say the least.
Clearly I do not dream to be an artist.

Lyrics to great songs fill my head.
I write them down with a dancing hand.
I feel so delighted, I want to sing forever.
I am fluent and fast like a hip-hop rapper.
But its the message not the beat i want them to hear,
Because i don’t want to be recognized as a musician.

I clear my throat in order to make a speech.
I feel so emotional I decide to preach.
Perfectly delivered, “just like an orator”.
Some even say I am Adolf Hitler,
Which depresses me and destroys my vision.
Because it would be a curse to be called a politician.

Ask me any Science principle, definition or equation.
I like Astronomy, Architecture and Aviation.
I have the greatest scientific mind in the country.
I want to use it to develop my country.
I am destined for engineering, it goes without saying.
But I don’t know which type of engineering.

I recall my role models from all stages of time,
Genghis Khan, Martin Luther King, Mother Theressa, Albert Einstein …
Maybe I just want my voice to be heard.
All I want is for the world to change.
I want it now, I can’t wait any longer.
Could it be that I am just a reformer?

Written by: Prince Mugebe

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