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Student Stories – Munashe’s Experiences as an External Student

“The race is not always for the swift, nor the battle for the strong but time and chance happen to them all” is one of my favourite quotes from King Solomon. The first time I became fully aware of what that quote meant was when I received a call from Makomborero, notifying me that I had been granted an A’ Level scholarship so to continue with my learning. To me that call was completely life changing, the best gift I had ever received in my whole life. Well for you to understand that, I will give you a little bit about my life.

My name is Munashe Pindirire, the first born in a family of three. I started my primary level at St Manocks Primary at the age of four when the rest of my classmates were either six or seven. The age difference made my Primary learning miserable. I was laughed at, bullied in some cases. I hated school for that and had no need for friends, thus I ended up being a hermit. I then did my grade two at Oldbury Primary then my grade three at Eskbank Primary. No need to explain that at that time life was tough for my family and we were not able to find a place we could call home.

Life became a little bit stable and I finished my Primary level at Resthaven Primary and came out with 8 units. I then did my Secondary education at Dzivarasekwa 2 high. The learning was better but as always there were some people who could not help but laugh at my small stature. At O-level I got 5As, 2Bs, 2Cs and a Distinction in computing science. We were financially broke to the extent that we were owing the school, fees for the whole year of 2014. It was by luck that a relative assisted in the paying of my registration fee for the O-level examinations.

However, I do not put much blame to the financial position for my performance but rather to my sheer ignorance to pass exceedingly. I had applied for the Makomborero Scholarship, quite aware that without a scholarship, there was going to be no A-level for me. I had doubts that I would be short listed but surprisingly I was, and most surprisingly I was then granted a scholarship under the external scholarship programme.

That is just what my life was about, now currently doing my A-level at Dzivarasekwa 2 High, I may be an external but I feel like I have benefited the most from Makomborero than my fellow brothers and sisters. I developed confidence and now enjoy the fun of having best friends at school, and most of all, I see a brighter future ahead of me as I have learnt to set meaningful goals for my life and not to live in ignorance.

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