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'Thank You' to Autograph

In this blog I wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Autograph who has donated their software for Makomborero to use.


Autograph is a dynamic PC program designed to help teachers and pupils visualise mathematics at secondary/college level, using dynamically linked ‘objects’ . I started using the Autograph software when I taught at Benenden School in the UK….needless to say I got hooked!

Here at Makomborero our students have been using Autograph to create 3D vectors and transformations of graph topics, and they love playing around with it. (Autograph has a ‘slow plot’ function that allows the students to see ‘what happens next’.) The student’s background is such that they have hardly ever even had graph paper to plot graphs themselves so they are truly blown away as this program is able to bring everything to life.

My aim is to also train some teachers from township schools, inviting them and their students to our facility to do some practical work, and to share the wonders that are ‘Autograph’.

Thank you!

Written by: Mark Albertyn

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