A story of hope and happiness!

He contacted us in early January chasing up his application for a scholarship – he had made it through to the second round of our testing but had sadly not got further.

Mr A, sir please I need your help. I need the scholarship please. I have nowhere to get my fees from to do my A level but I really want to do it.

Mr A replied that he was sorry but that Makomborero wasn’t in a position to offer him a scholarship.

He said OK.
He said God bless you and may He enable you to help those champions in our country !!!!!!!!! Greet my brothers and sisters please. I believe God will open some doors for me also.

And Mr A asked him to send us his O-level results when he had them.
Which he did.
8 A’s, 2 B’s and a C.
He did so well. The highest in his school.

And so we decided to offer him a scholarship to enable him to complete his A-levels at his own school – $150 per term.

He said Wow, that’s fantastic. It’s a wonderful offer you have given me.
He said Here is a door that God has opened – it appeared that another benefactor had been so impressed with his results that they’d offered to contribute towards sending him to a better (boarding) school to do his A-levels PROVIDED that someone else would assist with the other part.
He told us what boarding school he wanted to attend – a school where he can produce 15 points without an excuse.
He asked us if he could use the $150 to make this possible.

We said yes!

He said I have no words that I can use to fully thank you for what you have done for me and my family. Eish my parents are very happy. When they saw my results they both cried because I had passed and was highest at our school but there was no money. You made me and my parents proud. Makomborero Zimbabwe you bless me so much.

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