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Tadiwanashe’s Story – Life after Makomborero – The Next Steps!

“Six months is a very long time”, is what I told myself after I graduated from high school. My long holiday was short and full of exciting experiences.  I took part in many activities which were great  fun and taught me lots. The first thing I did after graduation was get a job. I started working for a web design and digital marketing company called Big Law Management on the 21st January 2017. When I started working, I never thought I would enjoy the job as I had never studied any commerce subjects. During my time at Big Law Management, I gained many different skills that I still use today. For example, I learnt how to manage social media pages like Facebook or Instagram. I also learnt a thing or two about digital marketing, including inbound marketing and I also improved my knowledge of stock exchanges.

Pictured above is my boss, my workmates at Big Law Management and me.

During my long holiday after the A-Levels, I also did some charity work. I joined a charitable organisation called Open Arms Association that focuses on helping disadvantaged children in society. Here, I took the role of running the organisation’s social media pages and advertisements. This is where I got to apply the knowledge I acquired from Big Law Management. Volunteering at the Makomborero Zimbabwe mobile laboratory is another form of charity work that I did during the holiday. I especially enjoyed my time helping Makomborero Zimbabwe with the lab and I was responsible for setting up the equipment, cleaning up after the practical sessions  and taking pictures for the Makomborero social media pages.

This a screen shot of the Open Arms Association Instagram page that I manage and an example of a poster I made for an event that Open Arms Association was organising.

These are examples of pictures that I took during the Makomborero Zimbabwe mobile science laboratory lessons.

During my long holiday, I also took some time to improve my art skills. I attended quite a number of art festivals and from these, I got some tips on how to become an exceptional artist. In total, I created four art pieces, but the ones below were my best.

After I left high school, the one thing I found I was missing was the Makomborero Zimbabwe resource centre. My best memories of high school were with the new family I made when I became a Makomborero Zimbabwe student. I remember everything like it was yesterday. Our bible studies with Mrs  Albertyn, the awesome walks we went on as a squad during weekends and then the debates over which school was best. Hellenic Academy always came out victorious. After I left high school, I found myself always coming back to the resource centre to see Mrs  Banga, Aunty Patricia, Mr Konolozi and my brothers and sisters who are still in high school. My A-Level high school was awesome, but Makomborero  Zimbabwe made it spectacular!

By Tadiwanashe Matambanadzo

Tadiwanashe Matambanadzo was part of Makomborero’s 2015 Intake and attended Hellenic Academy. He is studying Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon.

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