Student Stories – Yeukai

Yeukai 1 I have always wanted to make a change in my community but never had the hope that I would succeed. It was after I got my sixth form scholarship from Makomborero Zimbabwe Trust, when all my hopes went high. I started believing I could make a change in my society and be the person I had always dreamt to be.

Having grown up in a bad environment were girls drop out of school and get married at early ages, I had always wanted to stand out and do something different from what had become a lifestyle. It was hard achieving my goals through education as my parents were going through so much pressure during my secondary education.

Yeukai 2My former school was not advanced in technology. There were no computers to help students with research and that was the main problem. Through the scholarship, I am now at Gateway High School. Being at this school taught me to be someone who can manage my time as there are many curriculum activities. We do many experiments each week and there is access to internet at school so studying is made easier.

Makomborero has changed my life. Living with people of my age taught me to understand people and their differences. This had made me a better person who is ready to live and associate with many people which I believe is going to help me when I go to university. Makomborero taught me to be someone who can give back to the community which is helpful as everyone is now benefiting.

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