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An update from Mark and Laura Albertyn – Third Term 2014

Better late than never, I thought I’d post this newsletter from Mark and Laura.

Albertyn FamilyAnother fantastic year!! What a busy term the 3rd term is but also what a great term to reflect on the year! Mark and I welcomed our 4th child into the world in September – Phoebe Joy and had a crazy busy term juggling a new born and normal life! We love her dearly and are very thankful for her!

We saw our past students start at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and many of our other students leave for their scholarships all around the world. It is exciting to see them mature into their new lives. Mr and Mrs Patel have opened their home to two of our past students and have given them free accommodation near to the UZ. This is a huge blessing to them!

The 3rd term is mainly focused around the end of year examinations and we were so impressed with how our Upper and Lower Sixth students coped during this long season of high stress and examinations, as well as juggling other school commitments. We wait in anticipation for their results!

We received a donation that helped to paint the whole of the boarding house and purchase an outside picnic bench for the students to study outside if they fancy! We also fitted a swing ball for a bit of distressing!!! To celebrate the end of this stressful season we went up Domboshava with past and present students!

All three schools had their Prize Givings this term and our students did so well – below are a list of their accomplishments:

St Georges Prize Giving

  • Prince: Rector’s certificate awarded for getting minimum 3As and Duguid prize L6 chemisty.
  • Sikhosana: Rector’s certificate awarded for getting minimum 3As.
  • Michael : Rectors certificate awarded for getting minimum 3As and Coffin prize for L6 Mathematics.
  • Clive and Bright: Rector’s certificates for getting minimum 12points each.
  • Joseph N: Rector’s certificate awarded for getting minimum 3As, Vrachas Cup for best results in U6 and David Bowyer Cup for U6 Chemistry.

Gateway Prize Giving

  • David Mupfumi – awarded a Merit and Subject Prizes for Accounts and Economics.
  • Ntombizodwa Makuyana – Awarded a Merit and Subject Prize for Mathematics.
  • Nicola Jeranyama – Awarded a Merit Award and Subject prizes for Biology and Chemistry.
  • Tinashe Marera – Merit award, subject prizes for Physics and Chemistry, U6 Maths Cup and Science Cup.
  • Yeukai Songore – Awarded merit Award and Subject prizes for Fused Technologies, Science Prize and L6 Maths Cup.

Hellenic Prize Giving

  • Lazarus Mtake – Prize for Accounts and Physics.
  • Joseph Mahiya – Commendation for Maths.
  • Takudzwa Chipunza – Prize for Maths.
  • Ruvimbo Dzvurumi – Commendation for Maths.

External Student

  • Munashe Mutata – external student at Zengeza High 1 – awarded a prize for being best in Physics at his school at their prize giving day.

A huge achievement for Prince – was that he was made a prefect at St Georges. We are so proud of him and how he has shone in his 1st year at Saints for them to notice his leadership potential! We are proud of you Prince! He was also voted as Secretary General of the Model United Nations at his school.

Big congratulations to Pamela (2013 Leaver) who received a Full Mastercard Scholarship through Akwanya to study in West Virginia. She will join Mike!

General News
Our Upper Sixth students attended their various leavers dances and it was wonderful to see them all dressed up so smart and they all had a fabulous time!

The Lower Sixth Gateway students went on their leadership camp as well as the St Georges Lower Sixth – these are always such highlights of their years.

As has become traditional we ended that year with a very moving graduation for our Upper Sixth students. What a wonderful celebration of their achievements, looking back over their time with us, tears shed, joys shared – we all cried tears during this special afternoon! We will miss you guys! The Christmas party was also great fun!!!

Christmas Party

Next years intake!
We started our long recruitment process at the beginning of September and ended it in December. We have 9 fantastic, inspiring students coming into Lower Sixth and we are so excited.

The process feels like it gets harder each year and the stories of the families can be heart breaking. Our home visits are always humbling and we so appreciate these families opening their homes to us.

We love it when our sponsors can play a personal role in our students lives and thank you to Zimplats for taking Tinashe and a friend out for lunch – he felt so special and honoured by this gesture. Taku also got to meet his sponsors from Australia – Mr and Mrs Muyambo – this will stay a highlight for him. We will also be welcoming Jonny and Andy who have sponsored a few students this year in January for a short visit.

Thank you again to all our faithful sponsors who make all of what we do possible. We are beginning to see the long term fruit of our labour. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!!

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