Student Stories – Shyline’s Thoughts on Life

Just because others are doing things faster than you doesn’t necessarily mean you are failing. Life will always treat us differently – like a jigsaw puzzle, we all fit perfectly in our places.

Life can be likened to hot water.  If you put an egg in hot water, it hardens and then coagulates. If you place a carrot in the hot water, it withers and softens. Coffee powder blends with the hot water, releasing aromas that can liven up the room. The same water that hardens the egg and softens the carrot is what makes coffee.

Let’s take life as a game of chess. There are pawns, knights, kings etcetera. In the hands of a good player, a pawn can become a queen. And in the end, they all go back into the same box at the end of the game.

Life can also be exemplified by a boomerang. Whatever we do, say or think will always come back to us with astounding accuracy.

As an individual, do not be a chicken. It only is referred to as dressed when all its feathers are off. Be like a cabbage, fit into a funeral and into a wedding*. Be grateful for today, for you know not at what occasion you will be eaten tomorrow.

*Shona culture / humour, I am reliably informed!

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