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Student Stories – Roy

This is the story from one of our newest intake – Roy.  We have so enjoyed getting to know Roy this year.  He has show such bravery and courage in the face of deep grief at the loss of his mother just days after starting on the Makomborero programme.  He is also flying academically and Mark is blown away at his ability to be at the top of his Maths class with every assessment.  Here is a little more about this great young man! 

My name is Roy Tadiwanashe Ndebvudzemene. I am young man aged 17 and I was born second in a loving family of three boys. Currently, I am a Makomborero Zimbabwe student doing lower six at Hellenic International Academy.

I lead a simple life and have always liked to explore my creativity. As a kid, I composed my own songs and usually would perform in the audience of my family. I now enjoy cooking and I always try to find ways to be adventurous with my recipes. Apart from cooking I also spare time to be an athlete, play soccer and volley ball. I endeavour to learn as much as I can from everyday experiences and enhance my capabilities. I can do all the expected chores and work around the house, having learnt from my mother. I also spend time helping my father with work in his workshop together with my two brothers. I enjoy being helpful to my family and love spending time with them.

Though I am undecided on future career, I aspire to be an inspirational figure to my peers and the younger generation. I exhibit positive energy to succeed in everything I diligently partake in to better myself and my community. I want to play my role and positively impact other people to realise their dreams. I do not regret the decisions I have made in my life this far and I hope to keep it that way by always making the best-informed decisions whenever possible.

Roy with his father and his brother, Shaun, who is a Makomborero external student

I thank Mr. and Mrs. Albertyn together with the board of trustees and members of Makomborero Zimbabwe. I pray to God to bless you all, for all your love and efforts in to better our lives. I have begun to witness significant changes in my life since I joined this big family. I am growing to be a better person with better dreams to better livelihoods and I intend to become the most that I can. I foresee many opportunities awaiting me and a chance to self-discovery and learn how I can fit into the community the way I dream to.

I thank the Lord for the great works that he has done in my life day and night without my recognition.

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