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Ntombi2Life changes and it is always different for each one. Living in different environments is a learning process. I recall vividly living in Glen Norah C and my mother would escort me to school. I was not that intelligent but curious about what life holds for me. Although obtaining school fees was a problem to me, l managed to stand on my feet and passed my primary level.

Life became a nightmare; when I started, form one at Highfield High 1. All of a sudden, my father’s finances degraded. Jobs were difficult to find and things started to turn in a way I had not wanted. My family resorted to selling snacks and drinks in the streets. Nights became long as we slept without eating. Thinking about what to eat next, bills and rents became a mountain we had to dig into. I remember one day, rushing home from school to prepare for my duty at the market. We are four children in my family. Evenings were always the best for me, as my mother would recite her words, “Education is change. Pursue it.” The words encouraged me, even to this day. Growing up, being surrounded by unfavourable conditions, in my community such as robbery, prostitution and high rates of diseases, cholera and HIV/AIDS, gave me the courage to stand up and do something. Although things were in a wrong way, I learnt to appreciate the little things l had.

Ntombi1As l moved to form two, my father’s income could not support us all. My uniforms and shoes were ragged. I felt as if my existence on this planet was an accident. Crying everyday could not help. I considered applying for a scholarship and to my utter surprise I was granted one and that was BEAM, a program that helps students to achieve their goals. BEAM saw me through to form four. School teachers provided uniforms and some accessories. I continued helping my parents to raise money for my brothers’ tuition. During form four I applied for the Makomborero Scholarship for studying A-level. It changed my life; life became real to me. I enrolled at Gateway High, where diversity changed my life positively. Makomborero exposed me to different people and also opened so many opportunities. Makomborero did not only change my life but it taught me that life is about giving to others and not living, thus giving back to the community is an individual’s responsibility and not an option. I now know my talents and strengths.

I have a dream of changing my community, family and also the world. Through Makomborero I learnt to be humble, to put God first and that life is about making a difference in someone’s life. May Almighty God continue blessing Makomborero.

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