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LazarusI was born in Harare and lived in the Avenues until I was in grade two. We then moved to Chitungwiza where I am currently living.

I did my Primary education at Zengeza Primary School and my Secondary education at Zengeza High School. There were some times when my parents could not pay for my school fees. I often sent home to get money for fees and failed to attend my lessons. At my former school, we used to share the few text books that we had, for example three to four people sharing a text book.

Then I had the opportunity to apply for the Makomborero Scholarship, and I am now privileged to be at Hellenic Academy. I am now learning at a school with better educational facilities, and this has changed my life. I am now interacting with people of different backgrounds and I learn a lot from them.

Lazarus2Being a Makomborero Scholarship beneficiary is one good thing that has happened in my life. Living in the boarding house with people of my age, I get to learn some things and we always help each other, as we are a family

Thanks to Makomborero.

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