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Student Stories – Donald Toperesu – Learning to LIVE

Being at Makomborero has already taught me life-changing ethics that have impacted my life in a most unbelievable way that has further propelled me to achieving my dream of becoming a prolific actuary. Through the Bible studies at the boarding house, I have learnt the essence of ove owing to the teachings of Laura that have urged us to keep the love on at home, at school and everywhere we go. I have also learnt to be an individual with nitiative who is diligent, dynamic and devoted to helping others around him. Interaction with the other Makomborero students has also helped me to alue other people’s opinions, thoughts and sentiments. Being part of the Makomborero family has also elevated me to a platform where I can always strive for xcellence in my society both religiously, educationally and basically in every aspect of my life as a student. In a nutshell, this wonderful program has taught me to change for the better.

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