Student Stories – Chenai

Hi, I’m Chenai. I go to Hellenic International Academy. What I have to say about myself really is nothing new, a cliche even. However, what drives me out of bed every morning, and keeps me focused, only applies to me. My passion, I feel, is not as common.

I am the first and only girl in a family of three. I lost my father when I was in Form Two, but he had never really been involved in my life anyway. I have lived in the high density suburb of Mufakose most of my life, and my only major strength I have discovered so far is my academic prowess.  However, my passion for people is what propels me each day. I have a dream to one day be majorly involved in stopping all unnecessary loss of life – to be the one to facilitate the accessibility of quality healthcare for all residents of my country, to prevent and cure disease, to rid the world of all forms of pain, especially physical.

The thing I’m most grateful for is the gift of life. I’m grateful for being born as the person l am, with the love I am surrounded by day and night from my family and friends. I am grateful that l have the ability to dream, and also reach for those dreams. My gratitude for the gift of life led to the birth of my passion for people. I have seen many lose their loved ones, having watched them waste away to nothingness, unable to lift a finger to help. In my country, poor service, lack of financial means, and inadequate and outdated hospital facilities have claimed lives that otherwise could have lived to perhaps become really great people in the world.

My goal is to one day make sure that health issues will be not among the reasons why people can’t dream or achieve their dreams. By the time l die, healthcare in Zimbabwe will be world class and affordable at the same time. I am convinced!

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