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Student Stories – Clive

CliveI grew up in Mbare, a high density suburb in Zimbabwe which is famous for all forms of wickedness and iniquity such as harlotry, drug trafficking, all forms of violence, just to mention a few. Consequently, its reputation has been ruined beyond any doubts. I live with both of my parents, my twin brother and my eight year old little sister. I went to St Peter’s primary and secondary school for my primary and secondary education respectively. Growing up, I almost blamed my parents for giving birth to me in such an unfavourable environment. To make matters worse, I come from a humble family background. I asked myself why I should be ordinary if I can be extraordinary and since then, I perceived life in a different way, for I now dream big. I dream with every part of my body that one day I would be a more than a Newtonian, holding a Nobel prize, yet living a life akin to that of the prominent mother Theresa. I became more than a rigorous scholar and I told myself that I have to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I vividly remember growing up, when I was about to start my secondary education in 2009, my parents tenaciously worked tooth and nail to pay my fees, so that I could go to school. Often times I would go to school without having my fees paid in full. I had always wanted to be an engineer, but unfortunately my former school did not offer science subjects. In an attempt not to have a dream differed, apart from the nine subjects that were being offered at school, I had to do three more subjects by myself. I used to get criticism from other students and teachers, for they thought I was going to slack in other subjects. Armed with determination, persistence and God’s interminable blessings, I produced the best O-Level results in the Mbare/Hatfield district in 2012. Although I had outstanding results at my school, I had one big issue which heaved in my tender heart, which compelled me to cry, that is who was going to pay for my advanced level education.

Fortunately, in 2013, Makomborero Zimbabwe came to my rescue and I received a scholarship from them. I had the privilege of going to one of the most prestigious schools in Zimbabwe and Africa at large, that is, St George’s college. Bearing in mind that fortune comes once in one’s life, I have tried to utilize this opportunity. At my new school, unlike before, I now have full internet access, all the necessary text books, fully equipped laboratories and a conducive environment for studying.

A love burns deep in me. A love for my fellow brothers at school and at the boarding house, for the moments we shared; a love for my teachers for putting their best efforts into teaching me what it means to be a man for and with others; a love for my heritage as a young man blessed to have been at St. Georges; and of course Mr and Mrs Albertyn together with the Makomborero team, for their concerted efforts in most of my endeavours.

In a nutshell, all this became my driving fuel in life. That’s how I perceived everything and I would finish each and every day adorned with grim determination. I believe the Nobel Prize has my name written on it and it’s a matter of time before I collect it.

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