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One of our past students gets involved in his local community

Education in Zimbabwe has suffered hugely in the past 14 years. In 2000, Zimbabwe had one of the highest literacy rates in Africa – around 90%. However, the government has been steadily increasing the charges attached to school enrollment and, although Zimbabwe’s children have a right to education in principle, tuition fees and development levies make the cost of education prohibitive to most families.

A decline in public funding linked to hyperinflation and economic mismanagement has resulted in the national O-level pass rate crashing from 72 per cent in the mid-1990s to just 11 per cent in 2007!

According to Wikipedia, “UNICEF asserts that 94 percent of rural schools, serving the majority of the population were closed in 2009 and 66 of 70 schools abandoned. The attendance rates plummeted from over 80 percent to 20 percent. Learning only resumed in urban cases where teachers’ salaries were covered in US dollars by parents, creating a widening gap between rural and urban schools, and further incensed by a mass fleeing of teachers to neighbouring countries.”

Earlier this year, one of our past students, Brian Muneri, got involved in a community activity project at Sunganayi Secondary School, Gokwe South, giving free lessons and tutorials with the O-level students there. Have a read of his report here.

This is why Makomborero is so successful. We find children who have a hunger to learn, and to improve their lives. We also look for their willingness to give back to their country and their people. And, we equip them with the tools that they will need to survive in an international business world.

Your support is key to making all of this happen, and for that we are extremely grateful. With your help we are able to give a few of Zimbabwe’s children a real chance for a better life.

Thank you!

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