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What Makomborero means to me

Recently when we asked our Alumni where they were studying during Lock Down, Desire got back to us with the following message.

Desire at UZ

My journey with Makomborero started in 2015 as I headed for my A-Levels. I do not really know how to put the words together to really describe what the charity means to me. I can only say Makomborero is a real blessing from God.

Let me just say a little bit about my life before Makomborero came into my life. I used to attend school at one of the cheapest schools I have ever heard of, if not the cheapest of all. We had limited educational resources and my parents struggled with my fees. I was not the only child so I missed class on some days. I even paid the last dime of my fees when I was about to collect my O-Level results.

This is where Makomborero took me in and I have never missed class since then. I cannot thank Makomborero enough. I took 2 gap years and now I studying First Year Pharmacy at the University of Zimbabwe. Makomborero never left my side and is still doing wonders in my life.

God bless all who sponsor Makomborero and the entire Makomborero Family.

Stay safe from Covid-19 – love you all……

By Desire T. Mukubgwe

Desire T. Mukubgwe was part of Makomborero’s 2015 External Intake and attended Glen Norah High. He is studying Pharmacy at the University of Zimbabwe.

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