The Personal Story of Edwin, A Makomborero Pioneer Student.

My journey hasn’t been an easy one. But if it was a life I would be asked to choose to relive or otherwise, I would choose it again. Not that everything I have met along the way has been enjoyable – NO.  I would choose to relive it for the reason that it has been full of events. It has been the path of a warrior; a movie that’s captivating and stoic. For everything in the future is a mystery until the moment I live it. That’s what has made it amazing and thrilling.

I have learnt to convert all the negatives that come along, into positives and enabling factors. As one of my favourite singers sang: “…building a castle out of the stones they throw at us.”

I have been moulded to believe; to be optimistic; to live in the only righteous way; to do the right thing and to love unconditionally as Christ loved us all.

My life hasn’t been up to me, neither has it been just for myself either. I owe it to many. I’m just a player, along with others, in the project called Edwin’s Life. I owe so much to numerous people, some of whom I have never met. Some of them are far away like the Trustees and Sponsors of Makomborero, who never see the effect of their contribution on others’ lives – the effect on mine and on those who get lit by my little lamp of life.

I won’t get emotional for now, to extend the chronicling of all my thoughts.

My father collapsed and died less than two weeks after my birth. My mother lost everything to dad’s relatives so she took all the children to her rural home. Life there cannot be explained in words. Up till now, my sisters cannot talk about it without tears in their eyes. Then my mother died whilst I was studying in Grade 7. From then on, we were passed from one person to another.

From Secondary Form One, God blessed me with a sponsor, who later adopted me as her own (not through signatures but with love and compassion).

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After High School, God then blessed me with the Makomborero family.

Here I studied my A levels. What a place it was! Beautiful characters in a beautiful environment. Development, Maturity, and then my Mind propelled, as well as getting a global perspective on life. “An Amazing Environment” as I’m sure a certain US president would say if he was to comment on Makomborero.

After Makomborero, I enrolled into the Air Force of Zimbabwe, doing military training in 2013, and then continuing as an apprentice aircraft technician. I received a Diploma for four years of study from 2014-2017, having studied a marketing diploma with the LCCI during this time.

Then as 2019 started, I enrolled at the Zimbabwe National Defence University for a BSc in Aerospace Engineering.

For the future, I don’t know but I am positive. Maybe to provide good leadership to the world; maybe an industrialist; a motivational speaker or maybe the Prince of Aviation – Hahaha!

But in short, I would want to encourage you all to do, at least, the least you can. You really never know how much these small things can do to someone’s life.

Imagine a desperate person who has been called for an interview but cannot find bus fare to the interview. A little help here means such a lot and I have seen it working wonders. A stitch in time saves NINE.

Don’t underestimate your gift for no matter how small ants are, together they build amazing structures.  

God bless you all.

Let love lead.

Edwin Makokoro.

Edwin Makokoro was part of Makomborero’s Pioneer Intake of Students in 2011 and completed his A-Level studies with Makomborero Zimbabwe, in partnership with Gateway High School. He joined the Air Force of Zimbabwe in 2013 and in 2019 enrolled at the Zimbabwe National Defence University for a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering.

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