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In updating our website with all of our student’s A-level results, I noticed that one of our external students, Paddington, had done incredibly well, achieving 5 straight A’s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Accounts! I decided that I needed to find out more, so here is Paddington’s story.

I reminisce pondering such excruciating thoughts of doing my A level in the ‘rurals’ where my dreams of doing ‘sciences’ were to be shattered completely, but that’s what my dad could afford. Thanks to Makomborero for bringing me hope. I was happy and appreciative to receive the Makomborero external students scholarship.


I am from a family of poor financial standards. My father is a low income earning driver, his salary hardly enough to send me and four of my siblings to school. Faced with such financial hardships, I had a bleak primary education. Nevertheless, I got six units at Grade 7. I was lucky to receive a private sponsorship to finance my O-level education at Mufakose 2 High. I gave my best and scored 8 As and 2 Bs.

Makomborero gave me a beautiful start for my A-level. The scholarship lightened my financial burden ,enabling me to transform my life for the better. Now I enrolled for my favourite subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and taking Accounting and Further Mathematics as additional subjects. Being part of the Makomborero family made me feel loved and motivated. I got inspired to become a well-organised and methodical person who works hard to achieve the set goals. The scholarship has made me realize that dreams do come true and that I am capable of doing great. I was able to build my talent in chess. I received a gold and silver medal in the U20 National Junior chess championships in 2014 and 2015 respectively not to mention several certificates of excellence in the game. I had opportunities to represent the nation but unfortunately the dates of the competitions interfered with my school examinations.

I found it interesting doing 5 Subjects at A level and scored 5 straight As in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting and Further Mathematics. Through your generosity I developed a passion for Medicine because I felt it’s a very powerful way of giving back to the community. I wish to become a Surgeon. I am happy to be inspired to help others in future. Thank you Makomborero.

Written by: Paddington Dzinzi

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