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Being one of the Makomborero family has completely changed my life. It is the best thing that has ever happened to in my life, because it came to my rescue when I was in a time of confusion and without direction in my life.

When my father passed away life became hard for me and my siblings. My mother would work extremely hard to send me and my brothers to school. My dream was always doing sciences at A-Level. The schools in the community that I lived lacked resources for science subjects and my mother couldn’t afford to send me to a school which was well equipped. This initially demotivated me and then Makomborero came to my rescue when it offered me a scholarship to learn at a good resourced school such as Gateway High. This inspired me to reach the peak of my education as I got to meet people who have positive influence in my life. I now view life differently and my passion for helping people and changing the community has increased because of Makomborero. Furthermore, I have been exposed to opportunities which are beneficial in my life.

One quote that keeps me driving hard being given such an opportunity to change my life is by Nelson Mandela, “It is not your fault that you are born poor, but it is your fault to die poor”. Furthermore, my mother’s support also drives me.


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