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Student Stories – Leenmary’s Experiences as an External Student

Makomborero doesn’t only offer full scholarships to students. Our scholarship application process identifies so many gifted students, and so we also provide school fees to a number of external students who complete their A-levels at their existing schools. Here is the story of one of our external students, Leenmary.

Since I became part and parcel of Makomborero Zimbabwe my life reflected a great transformation. The love that I received from Makomborero remarkably leaves a lot to be desired in my life.

If it was not Makomborero Zimbabwe, my family and I were inevitably going to struggle to get school fees so that I would be able to proceed to my ‘A’ level studies. Sighing deeply at the situation that I had already engaged in, it was going to be very difficult and my life was going to be a misery because my dad could not afford to pay my school fees due to financial difficulties.

Fortunately, I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had to be considered as an external student under Makomborero Zimbabwe group of scholarships since this really turned around everything and I am very pleased to find myself on the other side of the “coin”. I really appreciate the great relief that Makomborero brought to my family by providing school fees as well as text books for me.

Above all, I had to spend some to spend some good time with my fellow brothers and sisters who were also under Makomborero Zimbabwe and I truly had fun especially when we met at Helenic School in August 2O15 for the revision classes. Those will always be the memorable days in my life. I enjoyed socialising with a lot of people, sharing ideas and experienced and this built a great self esteem in me. I also learnt a lot of things especially in terms of communication skills.

In a nutshell, I will conclude by saying Makomborero Zimbabwe has played a significant role in my life which I will always remember and my experience has been great.

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