Returning Zimbabwean gives his time for Makomborero

I was on Facebook one day when I saw a photo of Makomborero pop up in the right hand corner of my screen. “What’s this?” I thought to myself. I followed the link to the Makomborero website and quickly became very intrigued by their mission and accomplishments. I emailed Mark and asked more about their program and how I could be involved. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hayden Eastwood

I currently teach A-level Maths and Physics on Wednesday afternoons, and am also preparing a holiday programming course (in web development) that will start in August after the internal exams.

I was delighted to find Makomborero because I’ve wanted to get involved with a project like it for some time. When I’m not teaching at Makomborero I work as a programmer for a small text-message-transaction startup company. Before that I worked as a mathematical modeller at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. I’ve only recently returned to Zimbabwe, having been away almost 12 years.

Working at Makomborero has been both inspiring and humbling. Inspiring because the young men and women I work with are so polite, well-spoken and full of dreams. Humbling, because so many of them have overcome extremely difficult circumstances to get to where they are. It is refreshing to see such motivated young people gaining the skills that they need to improve themselves and their country. Working at Makomborero has been a privilege and I’ve really enjoyed giving and receiving. A big well done to Mark and Laura for kick-starting the project, and to all the fundraisers and volunteers who make the whole project possible!

Written by: Hayden Eastwood

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