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A Place of Transformation and Hope

Just in case you don’t subscribe to our newsletter, I thought I’d share our BIG NEWS here on the blog too! Whilst we have been quiet on the blog we’ve been working extremely hard, both in Zimbabwe and the UK, to make this happen. There have been many hoops to jump through, but Makomborero now has a permanent home in Zimbabwe! This has all been possible thanks to a wonderfully generous donation from supporters who wish to remain anonymous. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Whilst none of the UK trustees have seen the house yet, this is what Laura has to say about it:

It is with a very grateful heart I write about our new boarding house. We moved in on Monday and it is totally incredible. We have received a very generous donation, which was given specifically to purchase a property, from donors who wish to stay anonymous. We are so humbled by their belief in what we do and the incredible endorsement this is for Makomborero.

Emptying the old house

Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as we drove into the property on Monday. It has been brewing for a few months now as we finalised all the legalities of a transaction like this and put all the necessary safeguarding mechanisms in place. But now we can celebrate and begin to dream of all the possibilities a place like this holds!

Arriving at the new house

The property is on 2 acres of land – with converted stables where the boys stay, enough space in the main house for the girls and Mrs Banga, a cottage for our caretaker and his family, an orchid, a massive vegetable garden, a coop for chickens – the list goes on! It is the perfect place to house our mobile laboratory and to begin to open is up to schools for use. It really will become such a hub for all that Makomborero does and holds soooooo much potential.

On Thursday evening I was reflecting with the students about the property and they all kept saying how humbling it was to receive a donation like this. I asked each of them what was their favourite thing about the house – and all of them said space!! I took a walk with two of the boys round the garden the first evening in the house and it felt like we had had a wonderful walk in the country. It is a true sanctuary for the students – a place they never ever dreamt they would ever be able to stay in! The contrast from their homes is huge.

A girls room

The sellers have been incredibly generous too – giving us so much stuff as they downsize – a massive generator (which we have never owned), bedding, curtains etc. They have embraced us as part of them and we have yet again been so humbled! As we unpack and settle in I will continue to post photos. Mark and I are thrilled, excited, oh so incredibly thankful and we have big big dreams for this space!!! It is officially called the Residential Resource Centre!

The boys dormitory


Written by: Laura Albertyn

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