Class of 2018

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Lincoln N

Lincoln is a confident and friendly young man.  He comes from a family who lead a very normal life but sadly his father’s business failed in 2008 and they now live in abject poverty.  His mum is a teacher in the rural areas trying to pay fees for 4 children and his father cooks and sells sadza (maize meal) in town every day.  Despite their circumstances they are a happy family trying to make the most of a very tough life. Lincoln is attending Hellenic Academy.

Peter G

Peter wants to be someone people in his community look up to.  He is an amazingly positive young man who people are instantly drawn to.  Peter’s family has faced some trials and find life incredibly tough at times.  His family is very supportive and an inspiration to many with how they face the trials and life they live.  We feel Peter will flourish at Hellenic Academy.

Martha C

Martha is a gentle, quietly confident girl who has grown up living with her Grandmother most of her life.  She is an only child and finding money for school fees and food has been very difficult at times.  Martha has big dreams for her future and we believe that she will begin to see some of them come to fruition during her time with Makomborero.  Martha is attending Hellenic Academy.

Tinotenda M

Tinotenda is a confident and happy young man.  He was orphaned as a young boy and has been brought up by his Aunts.   They have treated him like their son and have been very supportive of him throughout his school career.  Tino loves football and has some big dreams for his future! He is attending St Georges College.

Simbarashe N

Simba is a quietly confident young man who has been brought up by a single mother, who also has the responsibility of numerous grandchildren to bring up.  She is unemployed and relies on vending to support the family. Simba would like to see the circumstances of his family change and he would also like to impact this community through offering better healthcare access. He is studying at St George’s College.

Patrice M

Patrice is from Bulawayo and comes from a very supportive family, who have made many sacrifices for his education.  His father is a civil servant and his mother selling things from home.  He is shy but a confident young man and we know we will grow in confidence during his time at Makomborero.  Patrice is at St George’s College.

Tinaye G

Tinaye is a confident young lady, whose family has prioritised her education, often struggling to pay her fees and making huge sacrifices for her education.  We look forward to seeing Tinaye blossom under Makomborero’s care and would love to see her realise her dream of becoming a doctor.  Tinaye is attending Gateway High.

Muziwandile D

Muzi is a quietly confident young man who lives with his mother.  Life has been a struggle for him and his mum, as his mum is unemployed and has to vend to make a living for both of them.  We look forward to seeing Muzi discover more of who he is during his time at Makomborero.  Muzi is attending Gateway High.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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