Class of 2017

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Shyline T

Future Psychologist – Shyline is passionate about her community and has had to carry huge responsibility from very early on in her life.  She is the youngest child in a family of 5 children.  Her mother buys and sells in Mozambique to raise money for the family, often leaving the family for long periods of time, meaning Shyline has become a very independent capable young lady. Shyline is determined to rise above the incredibly hard circumstances she has lived through.  Her mother inspires her. Shyline will be studying at Gateway High School.

Kudakwashe R

Future Medical Doctor – Having grown up in one of the poorest townships – Epworth, Kuda has an incredible passion to see peoples lives changed through access to medical care, irrespective of their background.  He is also determined to see his immediate community impacted, with more students attending school and reaching their potential, particularly in the area of the Sciences.  Kuda’s family is unemployed and life is very difficult for them, this scholarship is a ray of hope for them.  Kuda will be studying at Gateway.

Donald T

Future Actuary – Donald is from Gweru and is an incredibly bright young man.  He comes from a family of 3 children.  The family struggles to support their children through their schooling.  Donald loves Mathematics and sees his future career lending itself to him having a lot of time for philanthropic endeavours.  He would like to inspire youngsters.  Donald will be studying at Hellenic.

Roy N

Future Medical Doctor – Roy lives in Chitungwiza and comes from a family of 3 boys, who are all extremely intelligent and all work incredibly hard.  He is passionate about helping people access medical care and recently due to personal family medical difficulties, this has cemented his passion for medicine.  Both his parents are currently unemployed and life can be hard.  This scholarship brings much hope and assistance to the family.  Roy will be studying at Hellenic.

Isabel M

Future Actuary – Isabel is determined to break the normal expectations of women in her community, to be a world changer, who can impact her community but also pursue a successful career and support her family.  Isabel is the youngest in her family and sadly none of her siblings have been able to pursue their academic aspirations.  This scholarship means so much to her and her family.  A lot rides on her shoulders and we know she will not disappoint.  Her parents are unemployed and they live with all their extended family.  Isabel will be studying at Hellenic.

Chikomborero D

Future Mechatronic Engineer – Chikomborero comes from a family of three children and his family struggle to pay for their education.  His father has big dreams for Chiko to have a better life than him.  Chiko is passionate about Maths and Physics and looks forward to a career that enables him to live our some of his passions.  He is a caring young man.  Chiko will be at St Georges.

Munyaradzi M

Future Data Scientist – Munya is from a family of 4 children and lives in Gweru.  His family have struggled to pay school fees for their children and it has been a huge burden on them.  Munya is a dedicated, resilient young man who is going to flourish in the Makomborero family.  He has a passion for his community and other people.  Munya will be at St Georges.

Brendon M

Future Mining Engineer – Brendon comes from a family of 3 children and lives in Kambazuma.  He is passionate about the natural resources that Zimbabwe has and would like to see this better managed and used to improve and build an incredible country.  Brendon feels he can play a huge role in this, as well as inspire the next generation to reach for their dreams.  His family have faced many trials recently, but have shown such wisdom in the way they have handled all that has come their way.  Brendon will be studying at St Georges.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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