The first to lose

You are always rated second best.
Your name is forgotten after the contest.
You are a Jack of all trades but a master of none.
You have been in every battle but never won.

They always call you when there’s a job to be done.
They expect you to do it just for fun.
They take your hard earned abilities for granted,
As long as they get what they always wanted.

Like a ticking clock, you go with the flow.
Like a punching bag, you take every blow.
Like a small puppy, they train you and breed you.
Like a rental car, they use you and leave you.

Yet it always happens so no one notices.
No one knows you have your own policies.
You have a beating heart and a burning desire.
You have preset goals and you’re aiming higher.

Into your burrow you retreat after the day,
Restless, dejected and full of dismay.
Maybe, just maybe, you will have a better tomorrow.
Where you’ll be the victor and overcome the sorrow.

Take heed all your passion is gone.
Even your friends left you, now you’re alone.
Like a coffin, beautiful on the outside with a rotting interior,
That’s exactly what it feels like to be inferior.

Written by: Prince Mugebe

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